NodeJs for back end services

What is NodeJs?

First of all, NodeJs is an OpenSource, Cross-platform runtime environment for executing the javascript code. It is ideal for building highly scalable, data-intensive and real-time apps. NodeJs is also referred to as Node. We often use it to build the back-end services like Application Programming Interfaces(APIs). These are the ones which power our client apps like the web app or the mobile app.

Back-end Service With Web / Mobile App

Back-end Service With Web / Mobile App


Why NodeJs?

  1. Great for prototyping and agile development
  2. Superfast and highly scalable
  3. Javascript is everywhere
  4. Cleaner and more consistent codebase
  5. Large ecosystems of open source libraries
  6. Modular structure
  7. Easy to write and understand

NodeJs Verses Java+Spring

In fact, at Paypal, they build one of their java and spring based app using node and they found the following results.

NodeJs Verses Java + Spring

NodeJs Verses Java + Spring


It is now spreading everywhere due to its features. Due to super fast speed companies like PayPal, Uber, Netflix, Wallmart and many more using it. As a result, its community getting more and more members. It is one of the largest open source community. Because NodeJs works with javascript, a front-end developer can use his/her skills from javascript and became the full-stack developer with it. It will highlight your resume among others. The NodeJs will definitely increase your pay scale.

While working with it we realize that it’s too easy to understand and work with. Its modular structure helped us a lot in maintaining code in the proper way. Hence it also brings us the code reusability. Furthermore, large community brings the common code. Most of the things that you want to build are already been developed or in progress. So you get the references to their code or idea and implement your idea. Most noteworthy, there are so many hosting companies support the NodeJs hosting. Hence, its really easy to deploy a NodeJs app.