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School Portal

Product / Education

A simple and smart tool that will help grow your school. Get on board with the best school management software in India.

Shraddha Schools

Education / Institute

The Shraddha Group is the largest educational conglomerate. Shraddha Institute of Career Development (SICD) is established in 2010 & in a very small span of time, it has achieved phenomenal success in engineering and medical entrance examinations such as JEE Main, JEE advance, MHT- CET, & NEET. SICD has crafted the career of n-number of students & has proved to be an undisputed leader in the field of education, along with this programme Shraddha College of Science and Commerce, Shraddha Olympiad School, Shraddha Classes. SICD has become a benchmark in academic excellence by continuously delivering top results in national-level competitive examinations.

Paplor Art


Last year I decided to follow my passion and Paplor Art was born. Paper and colors are inseparable from Art and hence I decided to name my passion as “Paplor Art”. In the last year, I have attempted to create unique art that also carries a deep meaning. For me canvas is a way to express my feelings and emotions through shades and patterns.

Orbit Tree

Industrial / Textile Hub

Orbit Tree India Pvt. Ltd is a leading company in industrial automation, vision inspection & Laser equipments. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company, ORBIT TREE, which has been involved in Industrial Development Enterprises and Services for 4 years. ORTBIT TREE established in 2016 is reputed service provider for high quality


Car Service

 Cabsure Provide Airport Pick and Drop Facilities for Belgaum, Kolhapur. They are connecting Ichalkaranji, Kolhapur and Belgaum Daily with assured Safety, Leisure and Satisfaction.

Suman Enterprises


The company was established in 2018 as a sole proprietorship and is registered as an Electrical Contractor with the Public Works Department (PWD). Suman Enterprises provide a range of services for various establishments including industrial, commercial, hospital, IT parks, and institutes.

Part Time Jobs


We are the number one job portal to find skilled freelancers, remote work, work from home jobs, flexible job opportunities and much more. Find a pool of talented professionals and get started. My Part Time Jobs is a portal created to bridge the gap between job seekers and business owners. With us, you are free to reach out to thousands of professionals based on your specific niche. We do not intervene between business owners, job seekers, or freelancers.

Brand Kolhapur

कोल्हापूर हा अगदी इतिहास काळापासून ब्रँड आहे. शाहू महाराजांच्या पुरोगामी विचारांपासून,शिक्षणाच्या धोरणापासून ते केशवराव भोसले, खाशाबा जाधव, लता मंगेशकर अशा नामवंतांनीआणि त्यांच्या कामाने कोल्हापूर ला कायमच सगळ्यांपेक्षा एक पाऊल पुढेच ठेवले आहे. अवधूत गुप्ते जेव्हा जिथे जिथे जे जे भरपूर ते माझे कोल्हापूर ,अस म्हणतो तेव्हा त्या पाठीमागे या साऱ्या इतिहासाचा वारसा असतो. आणि, आपली आजची पिढी सुद्धा तितकीच तोडीस तोड आहे. जगात विविध ठिकाणी आणि विविध क्षेत्रात उत्तुंग कामगिरी करून आपले आणि रूढार्थाने गावाचे नाव मोठे करत आहे.  शेवटी एखाद्या गावाची आयडेंटिटी बनते ते कशामुळे? तर तिथल्या माणसांमुळेच!! त्यामुळे, या सर्वांचा आपल्या गावाच्या नावाने सन्मान केला पाहिजे असा विचार आला आणि त्यातून आजचा #ब्रँड_कोल्हापूर हा उपक्रम सुरू झाला.

Delhi Public Primary School

Education / School

DPPS has excelled over the years, in providing fine education, to the pupils entrusted to its care. In these years that have gone by, the School endeavored kindling a fire in the young minds of its pupils, preparing them for a world of tomorrow, full of challenges, so that in the words of Plato ‘they may be better able to discover with accuracy.

Shraddha Institutions

Education / Institute

SHRADDHA Group Of Education Has Craved Careers Of More Than 30,000 Students & Has Proved To Be An Undisputed Leader In The Field Of Education, Along With This Programme SHRADDHA Institutions Offers Sharddha College Of Science & Commerce, Shraddha Olympiad School, SICD, Shraddha Spark Batch, Shraddha NPA SPecial Batch & Shraddha Classes

Alphonsa School

Education / School

Forming a new generation of people who are committed to the task of building up of a just society. Diffusing knowledge of ethical and spiritual values in order to help inner liberation and foster in the students a high degree of integrity, honesty, justice, and charity.


Industrial / Textile Hub

Ichalkaranji being a Prominent textile Centre, the Govt. of India has sanctioned the financial aid to Ichalkaranji Powerloom Mega Cluster under MCPCD Scheme to create world class infrastructure for fulfilling the business needs of small & medium enterprises to boost production and export. D.K.T.E. Society‘s Textile & Engineering institute has been selected as cluster management Technical Agency (CMTA) by the Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India.

F3 Protec

Product / Health care

F3 Protec Clothing LLP  being member of Incubation centre at Ichalkaranji – DKTE Technology Business Incubator, have been closely working together to do various trials during the research have come up with proto type fabric sample which posses the standards to pass different test levels. Subsequently it has started bulk production of the products.

Dhanlaxmi Tex Fab

Industrial / Textile

DTF is an India based textile production house, that offers fabrics made of Recycled Yarns. We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of textile manufacturing.

Lahoti Textiles Pvt. Ltd.

Industrial / Textile

DTF is an India based textile production house, that offers fabrics made of Recycled Yarns. We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of textile manufacturing.

SK's Wholesale

Agriculture / Grain Merchant

SK’s wholesale is the leading grain merchant in western Maharashtra. With the dream of providing quality grains supply, Mr. Kantilal Bora started his journey in wholesale business 50 years ago.


Education / Coaching Centre

Companies today prefer candidates with practical experience as it takes a lot of time and effort for the companies to train the person in job.

The Ichalkaranji Hardware

Industrial / Wholesaler

The Ichalkaranji Hardware is constantly working to provide the best quality hardware materials since 1968. TIH mobile app is one step forward to revolutionize the ordering experience for business partners.

Anmol Ecocrafts

Manufacturer / Ecofriendly Bags

Anmol Ecocrafts bring you the finest eco friendly products that will make your lifestyle healthier.

Mahakali Jewellers

Ecommerce / Jewellery

Mahakali Silver & Gold Pvt Ltd is well known for it’s traditional & modern designs. They are leading the Silver Jewellery market.

Mahi Sales & Services

Service / Networks & Security

Mahi Sales & Services is market leader in security systems, printing solutions, automation, networking & computer accessories. They have made a strong position in terms of technical support.

S P Branding & Marketing

Service / Marketing

SPBM is an advertising agency based in Ichalkaranji & Pune, India. It is well known in the field of creative advertising, Branding & Marketing.

Adishan Fibertex

Industrial / Textile

ADISHAN FIBERTEX (JADHAV GROUP) has a wealth of knowledge and experience of three generations in textile industry. The foundation of group was laid down by Late Shri Shankarrao Jadhav way back in 1960

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